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Years ago, since a famous company produced the famous precision metering pump. Precision filling is the tendency and standard for the products. The accuracy and durability of the metering pump guarantee the quality of the products. Since we have 20 years experience in the precision filling field, we designed new a series of more advanced integrated and compact plunger metering pump called BESTFLOS Metering Pump. There is a group engineers engaged in automation and fluid control for many years in our company, designed a series metering pump with intellectual property rights, patent products. BESTFLOS precision metering pump, suitable for the use of a variety of precision filling packing, also can reduce the machine equipment mechanical parts and size, Make the action simply, especially for the filling equipment. A series of products fully meet the use of different products, including high viscosity, low viscosity, explosion environment, anti-corrosion, measurable, continuous, two materials mixed and the using of harsh environment. BESTFLOS precision metering pump is divided into pneumatic drive and electric drive for different application....



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