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Company profile Precision, Professional and Perfect filling.  Precision comes from professionalism, professionalism comes from technology, and technology comes from years experiences.  In the new era of high-demand need new technology, precision dispensing has become a popular and a standard. The dispensing accuracy and pump durability are the guarantee of product quality. We have been worked in this field for many years and have developed a series of more advanced plunger precision metering pumps according to our own understanding.  BESTFLOS pump is a series of products with independent intellectual property rights and national patents, which have been engaged in automation and fluid control for many years. Precision dispensing is the main characteristics of BESTFLOS precision metering pump. They are suitable for the precision filling application, and can also simplify the action mechanism of supporting machinery and equipment, especially filling equipment.  A series of products satisfy different products including high viscosity, low viscosity, explosion-proof, anti-corrosion, constant, mixing.  BESTFLOS precision met...




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